Picture this: it’s pouring rain outside; you’ve just come home from a long day at work and you’re starting to prepare dinner. You open your patio door to listen to the gentle pitter-patter of the rain against your window, and suddenly a feeling of satisfaction and warmth washes over you. You think to yourself, “Wow, I am so glad that I’m staying in tonight”.

Or, you wake up on a Sunday morning to the soft howl of a snowstorm and open your curtains to see a few additional feet of snow piled up on the sidewalk. You sip your morning coffee as you watch the snow swirl and shift in the parking lot below.

This feeling of cozy contentment can also be described as “hygge”: a Danish term used to describe a mood of coziness, happiness and warmth.

We’ve compiled a list of tips for how to ‘hygge-fy’ your apartment and achieve the cozy feeling we all chase when those cold prairie winters come around. Read more to learn how to prepare your home for the winter, and to keep it cozy.

Do a Deep Clean

It’s always a great idea to do a deep clean of your apartment at the start of a new season. Give your apartment a good dust, your appliances and cupboards a good clean, and start the winter off on an organized, fresh note!

Bring in Your Patio Furniture

To help your patio furniture to last, it’s a good idea to bring in your patio furniture, pillows and rugs before the snow hits!

Clean out Your Closet

Switch out your summer t-shirts and shorts for cozy sweaters and trousers. As you switch your wardrobe over, make sure to donate or sell any items of clothing that may not fit or you that don’t wear anymore. For more decluttering tips, read our blog with Tidy by Emily here.

Time to Decorate

Switch out lightly coloured fabrics throughout your home for darker, richer tones for an added cozy effect. Trending colours include deep reds, forest greens or rich browns. For a list of 2023’s trending fall and winter colours, visit Pantone’s website.

Turn up the cozy factor even more by adding some ambient lighting options to your space with twinkle lights or a dimmable floor lamp.

Finally, add some cozy throws or chunky knit blankets to your common spaces – nothing is more hygge than curling up in a big blanket on a cold day.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for how to transform your apartment into a cozy, warm, winter escape!

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